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After July 1st you should contact us first for instructions on how to pay for a prorated membership if you are new to the club.

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Atlanta RC Club
1600 Constitution Rd. SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

Atlanta RC Club is a membership funded Club established in 1968. Club dues fund the maintenance of the club grounds and covers the overall operation of Atlanta RC Club, Inc.. Our meetings are at 1:00pm on the first Sunday of each quarter. You can find more information about Atlanta RC Club by email >here<
Atlanta RC Club is chartered with the Academy of Model Aeronautics under Charter #223. The land the club sits on is the property of Dekalb County and is known as Intrenchment Creek Park. Activity in this park is enforced under Dekalb County Park laws and regulations. Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, Drugs, Firearms, Operation of ATVs and Hunting is prohibited on this premises. Violators will be prosecuted to the extent of the law. If any of the above infractions are observed it is encouraged to dial 911 to report the activity to the Police.


Atlanta RC Club does not have a Gate schedule. Paid members of Atlanta RC Club get access to the gates on an individual basis. The gate should always remain locked when Club members are not present. The gate policy is to protect this facility and deter undesirable activity on park grounds. email us >here< for more information.


Spectators are always welcome at Atlanta RC Club. We ask the spectators watch their children and pets closely for their safety. We also ask that spectators do not approach or try to talk to pilots that are flying. Flying model aircraft requires concentration. You may approach a pilot after they land and turn off their aircraft.

Guest Pilots

Guest Pilots MUST have a valid AMA membership. Guests Pilots should present their AMA card as proof of membership. (visit www.modelaircraft.org for more information). Guest Pilots must be accompanied by a paid Atlanta RC Club member. See the paid member list for eligible hosts. Guests Pilots are encouraged to join Atlanta RC Club after their guest trial period.

Definition of a Guest Pilot per the Atlanta RC Club ByLaws:

A guest is defined as a family member or friend of an active member who wishes to fly at the Atlanta, R/C Club, Inc. flying field. The flying privileges of the guest are temporary, not to exceed one month or three flying visits. The guest must fly in the company of the host active member. The guest must hold a valid AMA card and abide by the Atlanta, R/C Club, Inc. Safety Rules. The guest must adhere to the Atlanta, R/C Club, Inc. Constitution and Bylaws during his/her temporary use of the flying field. The guest cannot be a denied or terminated individual.


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