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Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club
1600 Constitution Rd. Atlanta, GA 30316 www.atlrcclub.org
June 2012

Coming Events
July 1st - Club Meeting 2:00 PM

June 2012 Happenings

We now have a nice, lockable bulletin board case up at the shed thanks to member William Lavalley. Mr. Lavalley also refurbished the plane stands which now look quite nice. All notices, membership lists and other club bulletins will be held in the new bulletin board case. We hoped to have the Letter of Intent prepared, but this is now delayed until the next meeting.


We are experiencing more interest from families with children that would like to join our club. This is exciting for us as we hope to enrich the community by helping young and old pilots alike learn about RC aircraft. There is also an interest forming around the idea of attracting church groups to our field to share the miracle of radio controlled flight and the knowledge that goes with it. We are currently talking a charitable organization that supports children. We will announce the name of that organization and the progress at the July meeting.

Club Pride

It should be noted that Atlanta RC Club is what its membership is. It does not belong to any single person, but the membership as a whole. It is important that we all follow the rules and are courteous to our fellow members. We should all strive to enforce the rules that we voted into place as part of our ByLaws and hold ourselves and others to those rules. Take pride in our club. Pride is what shows that we are serious about having a fun and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.



It was observed that the chain on the gate seems to be getting shorter and someone has been pushing or prying on our gate lock. The lock was damaged and had to be replaced. We are looking into getting quotes to weld a much more substantial chain to the gate. That chain will contain our combination lock and Dekald County's brass keyed padlock. The gate is considered to be Dekalb County property. If you observe anyone damaging the gate, get a tag number if you can and call 911. Damage to County property is a crime.



During the July meeting we hope to get quotes for replacing the gate chain. We will also be reviewing the Letter of Intent with the Board of Directors at a meeting right before the 2:00pm regular Club Meeting. We will also be announcing the progress on Atlanta RC Club partnering with charitable organizations to improve the club and our community.

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