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Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club
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June 2012

Coming Events
August 5th - Club Meeting 2:00 PM

July 2012 Happenings

We had our first Board of Directors and Officers meeting at the July meeting. We discussed and approved the Letter of Intent that will go to the appropriate Dekalb County Officials. It will be sent to DeKalb County Director of Recreation Parks and Cultural Affairs, Roy Wilson and David Butler Environmental Green Space Manager with DeKalb County Natural Resources. The Letter of Intent will also be cc'ed to Ayanna Williams with Park Pride Organization. 


We are also Happy to announce that we are working toward a meeting with DeKalb County Boys and Girls Club. We are interested in supporting the Boys and Girls Club through teaching events and fund raising events. We are also in early talks with a teacher with Ron Clark Academy about working with their Science Department. More details to come on these items as they unfold. We are also interested in hearing from the membership and the community at large about ways we can support the community.


Another discussion raised was protocol when it comes to flying or taking up a flight station. If you need to tune an aircraft, so not do so at the expense of someone else's flying time. If your aircraft is a helicopter, find an area off to the side where you can hover and tweak. If your aircraft is an airplane talk to others around you if you need some time on the runway. Be courteous and give others time to fly.



There was a brief discussion about mowing. A few of the guys in the heli area donate money to have the east hill cut. This is over and above what we pay for regular mowings and is funded by the members. We presented the idea that if the members would like to tackle a certain project such as mowing a bigger area that it can be funded via member donations. Daniel Wood is working on a quote from a bush hog company to mow the perimeter of the field to the edges of the tree lines.


It was unanimously voted that the chain on the gate must be replaced as it is almost too difficult to lock the gate. Daniel Wood is also getting a quote from a welder to replace the chain on the gate as soon as possible.


Addressing an issue

A problem with rogue flyers has come to our attention. Some have been approached and asked to join. Non-members flying at the field are required to be hosted by a paid Atlanta RC Club Member.

Any member can introduce themselves and determine if they would like to host a guest that just pops in and didn't know the rules. It is the job of every member of Atlanta RC Club to ask questions of those they do not recognize. Atlanta RC Club is chartered and insured by the AMA for its members that have agreed to our Rules and ByLaws. We must be sure to provide orientation on the rules with guest pilots. They must have a current and valid AMA card. Guest Pilots are allowed to fly 3 times/days at the club then they must join to continue flying at Atlanta RC Club.



At the August meeting we should have information on the filing of our Letter of Intent with DeKalb County Officials. We hope to have the gate chain fixed before the August meeting and will have a quote for bush hogging to the tree line. More information on our progress with DeKalb County Boys and Girls Club will be announced and we hope to have more information on any progress working with Ron Clark Academy.

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