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June 2016 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail

June 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Randolph Prather on 6/5/2016 @ 2:35 PM, 10 members present.

  • Discussed various flying site improvement to be made using the budget surplus from the grass cutting, with the exception of the starting tables no action was taken except as noted below:
    • Starting tables - will have work day on Saturday 6/11/16 to construct.
    • Insulation of cover roof to cut down on trapped heat. 
    • Electric Power
    • Trash Pickup - Melvin is working with county parks department to try to arrange regular pick up.  In the meantime please take your trash with you when you leave, including any wreck carcasses.  Some members are getting tired of picking up trash just thrown on the ground every time they come to the field to fly.
  • Treasurer's Report:
    • Bank Of America:  
      • Beginning Balance - $3511.47, Ending Balance $3361.41
      • Debits:
        • 05/04/2016 -  Event Services - Porti-Potty -  - Check Card - $75.00 
        • 06/01/2016 -  Event Services - Porti-Potty -  - Check Card - $75.00 
      • Credits:
        • None
    • Pay Pal:
      • Beginning Balance - $60.44; Ending Balance - $118.40
      • Debits:
        • None
      • Credits:
        • Dues: $57.96
    • Cash:
      • Beginning Balance - $100.00, Ending Balance $42.00
      • Debits:
        • $235.00: Fun-Fly Expenses
      • Credits:
        • Fun-Fly Receipts: $177.00
    • Total Club Balance: $3521.87
  • Meeting adjourned at 3:06 PM.

If you have any question or comments about the minutes please contact David Churchill