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January 2009 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

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Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club
1286 Oakdale Road NE Atlanta, GA 30307

January 2009

Coming Events

February 1 - Club meeting at 12:00

January Meeting

The day of the January meeting the temperature was about 50 degrees. It had rained that morning so the turnout was low. Rob Setili opened the meeting by discussing the club finances. He pointed out that a number of people had already paid their club dues for 2009 but we would need more members to pay their dues to put us above the $3000 limit that we need to stop paying the monthly fee. It was pointed out that there might be some other bank account available that did not require this fee. Rob said that he would look into this. Please pay your 2009 dues as soon as possible.

Over the past few months we have discussed getting a new sign for the field that would be larger and that could be seen coming to the field from either direction. Alex Michell will donate this sign to the club. I have seen the drawing and it looks great. Hopefully the sign will be up soon. We should all personally thank Alex for this extremely important donation. It is great to see that our members are contributing so much of their time and effort to the club.

It was pointed out that the first aid kit was missing from the tool box in the shelter. Although we hope that it will never need to be used, it is a very important thing to have at the field. I will purchase some first aid supplies to be sure that bandages are at the field in case of an emergency.

We have all heard that the Heli Fun Fly that the club had in September was a great success. I feel that it is very important for the club to also have a plane fun fly in the spring. We need someone to volunteer to set this up. Kip Laurie said that he would be more than happy to give some guidance from his experience with the Heli Fun Fly. Lets try and get a few people to work on this important project.

January 1st Chili Fly

This year’s Chili Fly was outstanding. Although the weather was chilly with a good breeze, approximately 20 members came for a great time. Some of these members brought their favorite delicious home made chili and we even had some home made cornbread to go with it. This chili warmed the hearts and spirits of everyone present. We had some great flying and a lot of fun. Photos below. I hope that everyone will put the Chili Fly on their calenders for next year.

Rocky and Sarah
Rocky Smith and his daughter Sarah.
Sarah was using the foamie for target practice with her paint ball gun.
Craig Cahstney
Craig Chastney with his fleet of Spads.

Be Courteous Call out
Taking Off Landing Dead Stick

Last one out lock the gate!