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December 2008 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

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Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club
1286 Oakdale Road NE Atlanta, GA 30307

December 2008

Coming Events

January 4 - Club meeting at 12:00 January 1st - Chili Fly

December Meeting

The day of the December meeting was quite cold (45F) and a little breezy. In spite of this we had eight members show up for the meeting and election. I presume that since none of the club officers were running opposed people thought that they didn’t need to come and vote. Well the vote was unanimous. President, Les Gelbaum; Vice President, Tim Neeland; Secretary/Treasurer, Rob Setili, Safety Officer, Mike O’Rourk; Newsletter, Les Gelbaum.

While we were eating the usual meeting fare of hot dogs, chili, chips and soda we discussed some things about the future of the club. It was decided to set up a meeting with the Dekalb County early in the new year to discuss the clubs relationship with the county. In addition to the club President Les Gelbaum, Marvin Durden, Rob Setili and Rocky Smith volunteered to be at the meeting. I am currently in contact with the county to decide the exact date and time of this meeting.

Rob Setili indicated that we had 60 members at the end of the year. This is not bad but the more members we have the more money we will have so that we don’t deplete our money supply. He suggested that a possible way of increasing our membership was to send the upcoming newsletters to the people who were members in 2007 but not 2008 in hopes of getting some of the old members to rejoin. I will begin doing this shortly.

Please pay your dues a soon as possible. Quite a few have already done so and a number have made additional donations to the club. I wish to personally thank all of these members for their dedication to the Atlanta RC Club.

One of the members indicated that he and some of the other members picked up a lot of loose trash along Constitution Road in front of the club entrance in order to make the street nicer. This is a great thing to do. I suggest that this is something we should all help with on a regular basis. We could do this after each club meeting. It would not take long and it would certainly help our standing with the county.

Also discussed at the meeting was the need for a new sign at the entrance to the field. This sign should be larger and be seen from both side unlike the one that we have now. I have contacted Alex Mitchell to see if he can help with this since he did a wonderful job on the sign for the Heli fun fly.

Chili Fly

The New Year is rapidly approaching which means that the January 1st Chili Fly is coming up. This is a great time for fun and fellowship. Come and share some of your favorite chili with your fellow members. This is always a great party. I hope to see all of our members there.


Picture from this past year's Heli Fun Fly (photo by Rocky Smith)

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Be Courteous Call out
Taking Off Landing Dead Stick

Last one out lock the gate!