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Happy Landings

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March 2009


Coming Events

April 5th - Club meeting at 12:00


March Meeting

The March meeting was cancelled due to extremely bad weather. I have seen pictures of clubs up north flying planes with skis but this is not Minnesota. We will have our next meeting on April 5th.

Lock Combination

The lock combination will be changed after the April meeting. Only fully paid members as of that date will receive the combination by phone. It is extremely important that everyone pay their dues. The field requires maintenance and upgrades. Last year the field was kept in excellent condition and we made repairs to the shelter and built tables for the helicopter areas. There are many other things that can be done to upgrade the field, all of them require money. Try to understand how it would be to not have the Atlanta R/C Club. How would you be able to fly if the field was not maintained and you could not have access to it? If you do not pay your dues the Atlanta R/C Club will not be able to provide the services that you have come to depend upon. Please renew your membership.

The Club Web Page

The club web page is getting better all the time. If you have not yet seen it please check it out. Be sure to thank Iven and Alex for all of their hard work on our behalf.

The page has attracted a lot of attention. The club has received a number of requests for presentations about our hobby including demonstrations. A group has requested that we give a demonstration at a Decatur park. I believe that helicopters and small electrics would be a great demonstration in a small area. Mike O’Rourke has volunteered to do a heli demo. I am looking for someone to volunteer with a foamy. This is a great opportunity for the club to interact with the community. This is certainly something that would influence the County on our behalf.

I have also received a number of requests from local hobbyists not in the club to post sales information to our club. The best option for doing this would be through the web page. However, I am concerned about whether this is what the members want on the web page. At the next meeting we will have a vote as to whether to add a sales page on our web site for people outside of the club.

Utter Kaos

Tower Hobbies Kaos

A number of years ago I built a Tower Hobbies Kaos. It was a great flying airplane. Unfortunately, do to my dumb thumb syndrome it is no longer with us. I tried to buy another kit from Tower Hobbies but now they only sell it as an ARF and I like to build my models. After some searching on the web I found that I could purchase a kit for the Utter Chaos which is the actual plane by the original designer Joseph Bridi. I have made a few changes to the original and now have it finished. Below is a picture of the plane before it has flown. You can never tell what will happen on its maiden flight so it is nice to have a picture while it is still in one piece. Hopefully that maiden flight will be at the next club meet.



Be Courteous Call out

Taking Off Landing Dead Stick

Last one out lock the gate!