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MEMBER DUES DEADLINE IS January 1st, and the gate code will change.

Pay your Dues INSTANTLY using Paypal.  (no fee to you). AMA membership is required for a membership with Atlanta RC Club. You need a "Full Open Membership" with the AMA. You can email us >>here<< if you have any questions.

This payment option gets your money straight into our Atlanta RC Bank account, with no person having to assemble deposits, drive to the bank, etc.
If you have ever used paypal, simply push the button on our homepage, pick a membership type, and follow the checkout instructions.

If you have never used paypal to buy an ebay auction, etc., it takes about 10-15 minutes to set up and is an excellent way to make many on-line purchases safely.

Atlanta RC Membership Options

Choose between:

Individual Basic $60
Individual Silver Pilot $80
Individual Gold Pilot $100
Family Basic: $90


With our low dues and our agreement with the county that we need to cut our own grass, we are not quite breaking even the last several years. Numerous members have been very generous and contributed more than the minimal $60 dues.

With our paypal option to pay club dues electronically, we are offering two ways to help the club break even, Silver & Gold individual memberships for those that are willing to give a little extra help, and help us keep the grass cut “as often as needed” all Summer.  These two amounts were basically decided by the members who chose to pay extra the last two years (a few paid $80, and a few paid $100).

We’ll be looking for ways to show our appreciation to these generous members.

Also, we are considering other ways to boost our membership ranks, and possibly reward members who do the most to bring new members to Atlanta RC Club.

When to use the Donate Button:
Either Members or non-Members are welcome to use the "donate" button if you would like to contribute any amount of money to help the Atlanta RC Club cover expenses.   Perhaps you are a member and have already joined.  Or perhaps you not currently flying, but you like our club and want to help keep us going.   Our expenses are primarily Grass Cutting, Portable Toilet, Runway Maintenance, Road and Table Maintenance, and purchasing food for meetings.   (Total Donations of less than $60 would not qualify an individual for flying privileges; The lowest cost flying membership is $60- please click the "buy now" button instead)

-The President