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Cleanup Day : Thanks DeKalb County PDF Print E-mail

Atlanta RC Club Officers and Board of Directors met with Dave Butler, DeKalb County Greenspace Manager and Ayanna Williams of Park Pride to discuss cleanup and improvement efforts at Intrenchment Creek Park in September. Atlanta RC Club is part of the 'Friends of Intrenchement Creek Park' program through Park Pride Organization. Within 2 weeks of the meeting Dave Butler and Paige Singer reviewed our requests for assistance with cleanup efforts at the park. The cleanup day was scheduled for 8:00am on Saturday, October 6th.

Atlanta RC Club Treasurer Alex Mitchell met with DeKalb County Work Crew Foreman Jimmy Hood at the park that morning. It was a matter of minutes after Mr. Hood arrived that dump trucks, mowers, bush hogs and vans full of cleanup workers arrived one after another. Our Club Members started to arrive shortly after to assist in cleanup and maintenance. Our volunteers helped clean up underbrush and cut small scrub trees inside the park as well as trash pickup, and scrubbing the shelter by the runway. ATLRC member cleanup volunteers included: Rommel Shumpert, Reese Beasley, Ron Stancil, Jimmy Blackmore, Robert and Gail Atwater and Wicki and Alex Mitchell.

DeKalb County Workers and Supervisors went above and beyond in their cleanup efforts. One of the workers even skipped his lunch to bush hog the tree line areas inside of the park. Every worker was friendly and hard-working. Nobody stood still the whole time of the cleanup. Mr. Hood was an excellent Foreman, keeping his crew moving and focused on the tasks at hand. Thanks to the DeKalb County workers and Supervisors the roadside in front of the park was mowed and cleaned of trash, the entrance to the club was cleaned of underbrush and heavy garbage, the field was mowed and bush hogged all the way to the outer-lying tree lines. A small surprise was installed at the shelter up by the runway as some workers set posts for for picnic tables to be installed at a later date.

Over the course of 5 plus hours several dump trucks were filled with trash from the roadside and inside of the park. Road crews directed traffic along Constitution Rd. SE while workers bush hogged and cleaned up trash along the road. Bush hogs inside the park ran continuously along with a mower. A couple of workers installed posts for picnic tables. At any given moment looking around the park at the ongoing effort, not one worker was seen waiting for the next task. They all worked continuously. Every worker was thanked as they passed by our club members. Every worker was dedicated, determined, courteous and friendly. We invited many of the workers to our Heli Fun Fly Event the following weekend on October 13th.

In closing we would like to give a special thanks to Dave Butler, Ayanna Williams, Jimmy Hood and the DeKalb County Officials that made the cleanup possible. Intrenchment Creek Park is at its best appearance we have seen in 5 plus years. We also thank our ATLRC Club members for assisting in this effort.