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Spektrum radios with Lipo PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alex Mitchell   
Wednesday, 18 March 2009 11:26

I was recently informed that Spektrum does not recommend running a LiPo in your DX6 or DX7 transmitter. This is because of the linear regulator that steps down voltage from the battery pack to 3.3v in their transmitter. As it turns out the linear regulator that comes stock in the Spektrum DX6 and DX7 is rated for(9.6v NiCad) lower voltages than a 3s LiPo provides at 11.1 Volts or higher when fully charged and can lead to failures. I ran a 2500mah LiPo in my transmitter for over a year now with no problems, but I'm sure since Spektrum doesn't recommend it there is a reason behind it all. 

Keep in mind that the modification described below will most likely void any warranty on your radio. If you are not comfortable soldering this probably is not something you should attempt. Proceed at your own risk.

DE Regulator


Stock Linear Regulator

I found a regulator  from Dimension Engineering that not only meets the requirement for running LiPos in the DX6 and DX7, but also claims to double your battery life since it is a switching regulator. Here is a link to the install procedure on a DX6 which is also similar to the DX7 install. This link is the actual regulator product for purchase which is also pictured to the left.

The install seems pretty straight forward if you follow the install link I provided above. Desolder the linear regulator and solder the new switching regulator in its place (see the red arrows on the photos here). I cannot attest to the battery life doubling since I just installed it. The following are the install photos as installed in my DX7 helicopter radio with a 2500mah 3s LiPo. So far I can only recommend this mod based on my research and will report back later when I have more results on the battery life claims and/or performance.

DE Switching Regulator